Blue Sky Collaborative proudly announces its fifteenth year as New England’s leading developer of peer-to-peer fundraising software.  Blue Sky Collaborative is a pioneer in the development of fundraising software for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and proprietary peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. The company is commemorating their anniversary with a number of software innovations and strategic partnerships to help non-profits raise and keep more fundraising dollars.

Blue Sky Collaborative began operations in 2002 when Syam Buradagunta and Anna Bremner, the company’s co-founders, built one of New England’s first peer-to-peer fundraising platforms.  The initial platform supported a group of families that raised $6 million for ALS research.  Today peer-to-peer fundraising is an industry standard that engages and inspires fundraisers and drives donors. More than 35% of all online fundraising is now done online through peer-to-peer programs according to The Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

“All of our data and experience suggests that peer-to-peer fundraising will be the dominant revenue source for nonprofits by 2020,” said Syam Buradagunta, President, “Organizations that aren’t utilizing online peer to peer fundraising and customizing their software will lose out in the coming decade. Now more than ever, it is essential for campaigns to stand out and be unique to be effective.  SWEET!’s industry best flexibility gives our clients the ability to create a one-of-a-kind campaign that does not get lost in the crowd.’

At Blue Sky Collaborative our goal is to help you maximize the benefits of online peer-to-peer fundraising to achieve your mission.  To learn more about how we can help, visit our website or call us at (p) 800-330-4109 ext. 803.


1. SWEET! promotes our client’s brand and vision.
2. We craft to the needs of the client, because you are unique.
3. We collaborate to foster an organization’s success.
4. We do not charge transaction fees on the dollars you and your fundraisers earn.
5. We do not handle our clients’ money.
6. Technology user friendliness is essential to fundraising success.


Blue Sky Collaborative is a peer to peer fundraising software developer and design services firm that produces fundraising sites for nonprofits and schools of all sizes. 

SWEET! peer to peer fundraising software is ideal for any non-profit or school, large or small, that holds participant or pledge events –walk-a-thons, golf-a-thons, run-a-thons, any-a-thons.  The company was founded in 2002, and at present thousands of people use Blue Sky’s software in non-profit and school campaigns of all sizes and focus

For details, visit our website or call us at (p) 800-330-4109 ext. 803.

Blue Sky Collaborative has offices in Boston, MA and Southwestern CT.  Several hundred non-profits, in multiple languages use Blue Sky’s software to raise tens of millions of dollars.

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