30-40% of the traffic to your Peer to Peer (P2P) fundraising site will come from phone and tablets.  

Much of this traffic is the result of email referrals by the fundraisers to their friends and family asking for donations on behalf of your organization.

Potential donors who arrive at your site to donate from their phones and find a donation form designed for a web browser will likely abandon the process.  The high abandonment rates will result in a loss of donations.

See the difference between a mobile friendly donation form below:

Exhibit 1.  Cupids Undie Run:  SWEET Peer to Peer Fundraising System.  User Friendly.  Low Abandonment Rates


Exhibit 2.  Obliteride:  Convio Team Raiser.  Tiny, difficult form.  High Abandonment Rates.



What do high abandonment rates mean to your fundraising campaign?  Fewer donations.  Conversely, we've seen that a mobile-friendly donation form can result in a 20-30% increase in donations for your campaign.

And it's not difficult anymore to make your donation form and website mobile friendly.  

Contact Blue Sky Collaborative to learn more about how mobile design is integrated into SWEET Peer to Peer Fundraising Software.


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