‘Must Do’ lists help us achieve our goals. This type of list is an essential tool to layout your event(s) investment needs.  We suggest adding, hiring a professional photographer or videographer to that list.

To maximize your fundraising potential, you need the highest quality images or videos.  We are influenced by what we see.  How often has the power of a visual influenced each of us, to spend or donate more or less money.  This is why my seven year old does not go grocery shopping with me.  I cannot say no to his ‘please’ face.

Don’t limit your fundraising potential, have the highest quality images or videos on your fundraising site. These professionals can be expensive. Thus creating an easy rational to say;  ‘we will do it next year’.  Please don’t wait to next year.  Have fun with the challenge of finding money.  Bring your organization together and ask everyone to help solve the dilemma.  Ask your social media network for help.  They will return you more ideas than you can imagine on your own.

Add hiring a professional photographer or videographer to your ‘Must Do’ list now.  Most importantly work towards achieving that goal, this week.



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