The most common element of peer to peer event and fundraising sites is the home page thermometer displaying the fundraising goal of the event and the amount of money raised to date.  This metric is so common and perhaps even cliched that it is commonly overlooked by site users.

We've found that campaigns with multiple, complimentary measures of success displayed on their site do especially well.  Here are some examples of other goals and meters set by our clients:

  1. # of Teams
  2. # of Referrals
  3. # of Donations instead of the Donation Total $
  4. # Facebook Shares
  5. # Email Shares
  6. # Photos posted on the site

Of course, all of these goals feed into the objective of raising as much money as possible but sometimes its more fun for your campaign participants to focus on engagement and not just "the ask" all of the time.  And if they do, "the ask" becomes easier and sometimes not even necessary…

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